Hearts & Hands

Brunswick Maine     207-751-5339

Providing Reiki in Maine since 1996

Hearts and Hands is a Reiki Wellness Center that brings the balancing energy of Reiki to everyone who wants to take an active role in their health.

Hearts & Hands Clinic is located at 4 Magean Street in Brunswick, Maine. I have been practicing and teaching Traditional Usui Reiki in mid-coast Maine since 1996. I offer traditional private sessions in my comfortable home-based practice as well as sessions in your home. I am also experienced in providing hospital-based services to aid in the healing process, including Reiki support in the operating room, with your surgeon's permission. I am  certified by Peggy Huddleston in her nationally known and research-based Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster program and can teach this to prospective surgical patients for pain relief, reduction of post-operative complications, and faster recovery.

I offer Reiki training workshops in Reiki levels I, II, and III, as well as Reiki Master training. All workshops are made up of small groups of four or five students with a lot of personal attention and all trainings include eligibility for attendance at monthly supervised Reiki Shares, which I have hosted continuously for the past 18 years.  Please contact me for more details.

Workshops and introductory clinics for specialty groups are available for the Mid Maine region. I will work with you to provide a customized approach to an introductory Reiki clinic that will support the individual needs of your organization, or a full training workshop.

Reiki has graced many lives with gifts and challenges to grow into new awareness and greater compassion. It has graced mine and that is why I offer this work. I received a traumatic brain injury from a bicycle accident in my teens and spent many years feeling depressed, anxious, and sorry for myself. Reiki helped to lift me out of that mindset and into a place of compassion and gratitude for the life I have. I am able to cope with the limitations that I have, grow into new awareness of what life has to offer me, and still have a wonderful love affair with my life, appreciating each moment. 

I welcome students of all faiths, recognizing that each belief system is an expression of truth, and that all beliefs can exist along with Reiki, which is not a belief system or religion, but a daily practice of self-balancing and self-awareness without judgment.. Reiki is my passion and my purpose. It is my hope that I can be of service to you as you walk your journey into healing and wholeness.